Saturday, July 4, 2009

White Meat Tales

Can you guys smell something fishy when a fishmonger got picked as candidate?
Then they talked about ability to serve ... (coming from the stupid YB from Pokok Sena)
Wah la wei ..... ini LAWMAKER la .. legislative body, serve apa benda?
seriously this is an insult to our democracy
The year is 2009 and do we still need a ' pass darjah anam sekolah melayu' assemblyman?
something need to be done ...
se'hopeless' Indon as we always said even got more better lawmakers than us, they need to pass at least a first degree ...
tak kira la se'ulu' Manik Urai sekali pun
recap The Late Tunku:
"dalam negara orang2 buta, yang dapat melihat sa-belah menjadi Raja (read:leader)"

1Malaysia 3rd World country? dah la 'shadow commitee' ada 3Malaysia, they can't even decide!

Illegal Abattoir in Kg Berjaya: Berapa kilo la sangat daily consumption babi kat Alor Star? Orang suruh pindah, nama pun illegal, suruh pick where they want a new place to be, to legalized the abattoir, dah nama bodoh, tak boleh decide. Bila demolished, ugut pulak. Bagi muka la lagi kat DAP ... "kita kalau perlu dgn syaitan pun bekerjasama"- as pontificated by his holiness the spiritual leader - the papalcy of PAS.

Do you want to have a chardonnay with it?

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