Friday, July 10, 2009

Manik Urai Staples Center

Tayangan Mengenang (Tribute to) Pok Su Weil telah dimainkan di Majlis Amanat Tok Guru untuk Anok Manek Urai di Lembah Kelang. Muzik latar nyanyian Dikir Barat. Al Fatihah pada Allahyarham Pok Sue ...

We went for the Hassan Ali ceramah last Tuesday night.
The bunting showed that Husam, Hassan Ali, Mat Sabu & Abe Uji Ikan gonna be there.
I was telling my wife that since only the day before was the nomination day, and the official campaign period is just started, NO WAY that the Calon is going to be there!

After enjoying our bee-hoon sup Kedah at the one of the stall we were eagerly waiting for the Abe Uji. But the only Abe Uji that showed up was the pre-recorded video message from him!

And one Zaid Ibrahim (PAS Kelantan Secretary) not the ZICO ex-minister arrived in the middle of the event and claimed to be representing Husam and Abe Uji.

But what touched me most is the video, although the location is not the Staples Center but the impact is as good as the MJ eulogy.

We then tapau our air nira and heading home.

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