Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka 2009

This yr no 'ultraman' wearing helmet SGV and shin pad on shoulders kawad, no Agong stops the parade and test ride superbike, and no circus on TV!

Only one thing, one nation, one people, 1Malaysia!

The Day the LDP Died

From the NST Online:

TOKYO: Japan’s electorate has made history by sweeping the untested Democratic Party to power, but it was just as much a protest vote against the conservatives as a vote for the opposition, media said Monday.

Yukio Hatoyama (pix) ’s triumphant Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) must work hard to meet the people’s expectations that they will revive the ailing economy and bring about real change, major dailies said.

“The will of the people caused an avalanche for the DPJ,” the Asahi Shimbun said in an editorial. “But if we ask whether this shows confidence in a DPJ government, the answer is probably ’no’.” Voters are “half-hopeful, half-worried” about a new government, the liberal daily said.

The regional Tokyo Shimbun said it was “doubtful whether the people’s will that gave the DPJ a landslide win has also recognised its ability to manage a government.” “It may be more reasonable to think it was an avalanche to the better of two alternatives,” it said in an editorial.

The conservative Sankei Shimbun said in an editorial that “people focused on punishing the LDP rather than rewarding DPJ policies.

The top-selling Yomiuri Shimbun said voters are “rather worried” over the untested DPJ’s capability to govern. “They fared well under the slogan of ’government change’. Now that it has come true, what is important is how they will manage a government in real politics,” it said. The Democratic Party won more than 300 of the 480 seats in the lower house of parliament, which designates the prime minister, according to media projections. The victory brings an end to half a century of almost unbroken rule by Prime Minister Taro Aso’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). It was, said the tabloid Nikkan Sports, “the day the LDP died.”


Macam alasan2 yang sama lepas March 8 last year jer ... sapa yang Pandang Ke Timur ni?

After 54 years in power! BN kena ambik pengiktibaran ni, dah berubah ke belum? jangan tunggu kena ubah! Semalam i was watching this 1957 hati Malaya, the semangat during that time all long gone from UMNO la, seems like the PAS-PKR-DAP have that kind of semangat and enthusiasm now! Somebody tweeted once: I don't need to change UMNO, UMNO need to change for me!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kapla Lembu

(Picture from The Malaysian Insider)

Adoi ..
1st Jumaat dalam bulan Ramadhan ...
Selepas sembahyang Jumaat, ada segelintir Umat Islam atas nama persatuan penduduk yg berarak mengusung kepala makhluk kejadian Allah bernama lembu yang berdarah2 dan dipijak2 dan dihina2 (details kat sini)
Nak bantah pembinaan kuil !!!
Ya Allah, kena hina agama orang lain ka?
nak bantah pun bantah saja la .. yang bawak kepala lembu ni apahal???
I'm agree .. kes2 kuil hindu ni sensitif, walaupun Hindu constitute only mere percent of our population but the kuil is almost everywhere ...
nak masuk Mid-Valley Megamall pun ada satu .. kosong saja tak pernah penuh pun!!
Kat NPE, highway kena divert pasai kes kuil ni ...
tapi cara bantah macam tu tak kena la ...
Kat Aloq Staq la nak habaq, tengah2 town kami ada Watt Siam ... fuyooo ... grand
lagi hebat dan strategik location drpd Masjid Zahir (masjid negeri la lebih kurang ..)
Tak dak pun umat Islam kat aloq staq pakat2 jadi siam!
Siam kat Lembah Klang, ada satu watt saja ..dekat PJ.... sangat 'imarah'!!!
Tokong Cina pun tak berapa byk sgt pun ... tapi sambutan sentiasa hebat dan program rancak
Masjid-masjid dan surau-surau kita?
Rasa macam banyak sangat tapi .... sendiri mau ingat la, tapi paling kurang hari jumaat penuh la
macam kat shah alam pun ... masjid negeri time2 biasa macam mana?
surau2 kat shah alam pun lagi grand drpd sesetengah masjid di negeri2 lain, tapi only a few saja yg boleh organize sembahyang jumaat .... hmmmm
for me tak kisah la depa2 nak buat church besaq2 ka, tokong besaq2 ka tapi biar justify la
dalam kes kuil ni pun ... pihak berkuasa kena audit balik la demand/supply kuil2 ni dan taburan lokasi, jgn main pacak saja, lepas tu nak kena roboh bising sedunia
dan untuk seluruh orang Melayu Islam pun, tok sah la nak arrogant tunjuk kuasa buat masjid banyak2 tapi dibiarkan ... ingat dak tanda2 akhir zaman, masjid dihias sebegitu rupa tapi kosong!
Lagi satu .. hampa usung kepala lembu,
cuba hampa pikiaq tgk kalau orang2 lain usung kepala babi ka di masa depan ...
atau hina Quran ka ...usung... lepas tu koyak ka ... apa hampa rasa??? hampa akai ada ka?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan!
Selamat Berpuasa, Bertarawih dan Ibadah2 Sunat yang lain, dan Selamat mendapat keampunan, keredhaan dan rahmat Allah SWT! Bulan yang paling berkat ini muncul lagi, dan satu nikmat bagi kita untuk bertemu semula dengan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.
Agak terlambat entry ini, dah masuk 3 Ramadhan dah :) Rewind sikit ...
1st Ramadhan: Jumaat tu selepas ambik Tich, kami ke Carrefour Wangsa Maju, membeli groceries sikit2 utk sahur di bulan puasa la. Antara yg wajib ialah cereals, oats instant (hanya wujud kat rumah kami pada bulan posa saja), lychee, agar-agar, dan ... gula (mommy suka masak sirap sendiri utk bulan puasa) dan ... tgk la gambar ... gula habis!
The next day, kami ke Jusco AU, nak beli barang2 basah, memang tak beli kat carrefour sebab macam dah tak fresh sangat and byk dah habis, nak cari taugeh, daging, coriander and segala produce la. Pun tak dapat beli gula ...
Masa ke kedai mamak beli nyok mesin (kelapa parut) nak buat santan pun tak dak jugak gula ..
Tapi berjaya la jugak menu kami pada 1st day posa tu, kanji a.k.a bubur lambuk masak sendiri, kerabu taugeh-kerang, ayam goreng kunyit, agar2 lychee, sirap (f&n ... bukan masak sendiri), pas tu Aunty bersama Apoi (uncle paul tisya) datang join bawak cucur udang+kuah kacang,
perghhh .... lengkap menu aloq staq
2nd Day: beli kat Bangsar, ayam awea and we all pulak bukak posa kat rumah Aunty, pun tak dapat beli gula kat village grocer ...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

15Malaysia - Chocolate

A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prius in Malaysia

I've been waiting for this Toyota Prius to enter our market for almost 2 years.
Last Friday while driving on the Federal Highway, I saw the billboard. Finally ...
I picked up my phone and started SMSing one of the senior sales people of Toyota, Tengku Mazlan, (younger brother of Tg. Mahaleel former Proton's boss). Asking for the price
I then called my online car encyclopedia, and chat about this prius, he said that heard about it cost something around MYR170k .
It supposed to be priced lower than Camry (elsewhere yes ...)
Crazy la all this ... I don't believe him
When I reached KL and about to enter the Batu Muda area (PM Najib was there launching some BN program) my phone rang again, unknown number
"Hello Sir, this is Chiew calling from Toyota. My Boss Tengku gave me your number"
Me: Yes Chiew. I did ask him about the P-Rius or Prius or whatever you guys called it
Chiew: Prius. And you are?
Me: Hisham ... yeah how much is it?
Chiew: private 175k sir
Me: Really? why so expensive?
Chiew: don't know sir, probably our tax scheme
Me: I thought that we have this green ministry kind of thing, no special price for green car?
Chiew: I don't know about that sir, but you can come over for test drive, only 2 places in KL area
Me: where's that? i will ... but honestly fair valuation for the car is around 80-90K only. for that kind of price better i'll get a volvo S40 brand new!!!!
we spoke for a while and hang up after that ....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st August Anti-ISA Rally Pix

We went to buy songkok for my sunday's function at Masjid India on Saturday Aug. 1. We took the STAR LRT there (rapidKL ampang line). It was very peaceful in the morning. But, we saw few truck loads of people been detained, and we thought that the rally should be cancel because police took the preventive measures.
We went for lunch, bryani kambing (without the angsa) and planned to drop by at Sogo after lunch to buy tich's silicone teats. Suddenly, as we entering Jalan TAR, there was few huge commotions here and there and the Police started asking people to disperse. When we were in front of one shop before SOGO, somebody yelled reformasi and people started chanting. The shop's guard was closing the shop and luckily let us in when he saw Tich. We stuck there for more than an hour and managed to snap few pix.
Our first hand experience.
My questions:
1. I'm not racist, but this anti-ISA sentiments was championed by non-malays MP, but why hardly can find non-malays there?
2. no ethnic Indian there! where is HINDRAF? after their leaders being freed apa perjuangan sudah selesai ker?
3. What for all this? Tak boleh ka buat kempen macam earth hour, tutup lampu or wearing pink tie on wednesday ker?
4. And that moron Tian Chua ran away to bangkok after the rally (check his tweet), he admits that the event is politically motivated.
5. Too much!