Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st August Anti-ISA Rally Pix

We went to buy songkok for my sunday's function at Masjid India on Saturday Aug. 1. We took the STAR LRT there (rapidKL ampang line). It was very peaceful in the morning. But, we saw few truck loads of people been detained, and we thought that the rally should be cancel because police took the preventive measures.
We went for lunch, bryani kambing (without the angsa) and planned to drop by at Sogo after lunch to buy tich's silicone teats. Suddenly, as we entering Jalan TAR, there was few huge commotions here and there and the Police started asking people to disperse. When we were in front of one shop before SOGO, somebody yelled reformasi and people started chanting. The shop's guard was closing the shop and luckily let us in when he saw Tich. We stuck there for more than an hour and managed to snap few pix.
Our first hand experience.
My questions:
1. I'm not racist, but this anti-ISA sentiments was championed by non-malays MP, but why hardly can find non-malays there?
2. no ethnic Indian there! where is HINDRAF? after their leaders being freed apa perjuangan sudah selesai ker?
3. What for all this? Tak boleh ka buat kempen macam earth hour, tutup lampu or wearing pink tie on wednesday ker?
4. And that moron Tian Chua ran away to bangkok after the rally (check his tweet), he admits that the event is politically motivated.
5. Too much!

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