Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prius in Malaysia

I've been waiting for this Toyota Prius to enter our market for almost 2 years.
Last Friday while driving on the Federal Highway, I saw the billboard. Finally ...
I picked up my phone and started SMSing one of the senior sales people of Toyota, Tengku Mazlan, (younger brother of Tg. Mahaleel former Proton's boss). Asking for the price
I then called my online car encyclopedia, and chat about this prius, he said that heard about it cost something around MYR170k .
It supposed to be priced lower than Camry (elsewhere yes ...)
Crazy la all this ... I don't believe him
When I reached KL and about to enter the Batu Muda area (PM Najib was there launching some BN program) my phone rang again, unknown number
"Hello Sir, this is Chiew calling from Toyota. My Boss Tengku gave me your number"
Me: Yes Chiew. I did ask him about the P-Rius or Prius or whatever you guys called it
Chiew: Prius. And you are?
Me: Hisham ... yeah how much is it?
Chiew: private 175k sir
Me: Really? why so expensive?
Chiew: don't know sir, probably our tax scheme
Me: I thought that we have this green ministry kind of thing, no special price for green car?
Chiew: I don't know about that sir, but you can come over for test drive, only 2 places in KL area
Me: where's that? i will ... but honestly fair valuation for the car is around 80-90K only. for that kind of price better i'll get a volvo S40 brand new!!!!
we spoke for a while and hang up after that ....

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