Monday, August 31, 2009

The Day the LDP Died

From the NST Online:

TOKYO: Japan’s electorate has made history by sweeping the untested Democratic Party to power, but it was just as much a protest vote against the conservatives as a vote for the opposition, media said Monday.

Yukio Hatoyama (pix) ’s triumphant Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) must work hard to meet the people’s expectations that they will revive the ailing economy and bring about real change, major dailies said.

“The will of the people caused an avalanche for the DPJ,” the Asahi Shimbun said in an editorial. “But if we ask whether this shows confidence in a DPJ government, the answer is probably ’no’.” Voters are “half-hopeful, half-worried” about a new government, the liberal daily said.

The regional Tokyo Shimbun said it was “doubtful whether the people’s will that gave the DPJ a landslide win has also recognised its ability to manage a government.” “It may be more reasonable to think it was an avalanche to the better of two alternatives,” it said in an editorial.

The conservative Sankei Shimbun said in an editorial that “people focused on punishing the LDP rather than rewarding DPJ policies.

The top-selling Yomiuri Shimbun said voters are “rather worried” over the untested DPJ’s capability to govern. “They fared well under the slogan of ’government change’. Now that it has come true, what is important is how they will manage a government in real politics,” it said. The Democratic Party won more than 300 of the 480 seats in the lower house of parliament, which designates the prime minister, according to media projections. The victory brings an end to half a century of almost unbroken rule by Prime Minister Taro Aso’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). It was, said the tabloid Nikkan Sports, “the day the LDP died.”


Macam alasan2 yang sama lepas March 8 last year jer ... sapa yang Pandang Ke Timur ni?

After 54 years in power! BN kena ambik pengiktibaran ni, dah berubah ke belum? jangan tunggu kena ubah! Semalam i was watching this 1957 hati Malaya, the semangat during that time all long gone from UMNO la, seems like the PAS-PKR-DAP have that kind of semangat and enthusiasm now! Somebody tweeted once: I don't need to change UMNO, UMNO need to change for me!

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