Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kg. Buah Pala

I can't hold myself to comment on this article in Salt, Pepper ANd a litte Kicap blog

You can read my comment as below:

Probably you might want to check back how much the land cost per sq ft. It is not about building 45 low cost houses, the developer could easily absorbed it. RM 1M is chicken feet nowadays (quoting Ng Yen Yen)! Land in Penang is scarse commodity. probably can go easily around RM200/sq ft? (or more) so for a 1500 sq ft plot the land cost alone is 300k!
You might want to go to damansara perdana area there and check out the 'taman' re-settlement of the previous orang asli of Bukit Lanjan. The dudes in Buah Pala wants more than that! (and cost way than your 'naive' analysis)

And this High Chapparal people is not looking for 200k alone. The old folks don't really care much of the money and are law abiding people that refuse to quarell with the authorities. Typical Penangites. It is somebody that 'cucuk' them! Their greedy hopeless kids maybe?

If they fall under the 'kampung traditional' category, they must have the individual land title, as simple as that, even felda seetlers also have title for their residences plot!
If they are established squatters (150 years is way before Merdeka dude, and the recorded migration of Chinese is in 1870s (130++ yrs ago), the Indian migration by the Brits is in early 1900s after the Getah revolution, where this 150 yrs came from?), they might have file for TOL, furthermore, the area is not estate, the real reason of original settlers from India.
I'm not sure how far is this Kampong from the Little India district, (one of the nicest place in Penang)

But, if it is a govt (people) land, then the decision is made by the people (Penang EXCO is elected PEOPLE), including selling it or leasing it or anything for some amount of money that should come back to the govt acct (and some political fund to the ruling party maybe) for the benefit of everybody. The people govt did revising and reversing the infamous 'crooked' bridge project and compensate the developer, the e-kesihatan project, and endless list of project. LGE administration also did issue Stop Work Order for the double track. Delaying the clearance legally could cost the developer quite a huge hole in their pocket!

Something fishy la with this Buah Pala people. But I agree with you the PR govt in Penang not adapting the TOWS analysis (threats should be turn into oppoturnities instead!)and can I say not competent. Just recalled back how LGE make statement he can't open a bank account (the hardcore poor issue)

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