Monday, July 6, 2009

A Note in My Calendar

July ... a decade ago ...
I always love July, the weather is very-very nice (in the northern hemisphere) ..
Then come the 4th of July ... the America's Birthday ...
It is a public holiday ... and I was looking forward for the mid morning time between 11 am to noon (EST). It will be 5th of July in Malaysia and I'll ring Alor Star to speak to someone special ..
It always be:
Hello Ma ... Happy Birthday! kami yg first kan call?
... Thank You ... Thank You ... hari ni buat apa?
Tak dak buat apa ... Hari ni birthday mama .. satu US public holiday, sat gi malam depa ada tembak bunga api semua cukup ... siap ada Boys II Men buat concert nyanyi lagu ..."mama ..mama .."
...betoi ka?
betoi la ... harini Independence Day 4hb ...tapi Mesia dah 5hb ..kira depa celebrate besday mama la, mama kena mai la nanti one day

and I hope that God will let her spirit roamed through New York City during that fireworks time .. or even better ...a firework in heaven specially for her ...

she will turned 62 yesterday, a 4th birthdays that she missed ...but we will never forget

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