Thursday, July 16, 2009

Al-Islam Magazine Espionage!

This is too much!
Try imagine someone from other religions going undercover in our mosques ..
Then belittle what we consider Holy ... and publish it to the world.
For sure we'll have a race riot in Malaysia.

As a Muslim, I really can't tolerate this!
Those poor souls can do research elsewhere. And the stupid editor should stop the story.
Aren't they aware that during the Prophet time, he also respects this worship places.
Even during war time he forbids the Muslim Army from killing those who inside the religious centers.

Please ... stop this madness!
I demand resignation from the journalists and their editor, and please have the political will to suspend their publication permit.

This is not the act of a true Muslim and do not represent Muslim as a whole.
May Allah have mercy on their souls.

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  • You can also SMS. Type ALISLAM <> your message <> your name and send to 33995 or 019 3051587

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