Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keluarga Yasmin, Kosmo! mohon maaf

"On Monday 27 July, Kosmo! published a report regarding filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad who had just passed away," Kosmo! said.

"The report entitled Takdir Yasmin (Yasmin's divine destiny) has received mixed reactions. Kosmo! is concerned about these reactions."

"As a newspaper which is close to its community, Kosmo! wishes to ask for forgiveness from the family of the late Yasmin, her friends and readers who are offended by the report."

Bagus la ....

My facebook status:

Norhisham Abdul Mutalib is upset with some people who love to discuss more about yasmin genitalia rather than what her legacy & contribution to our nation building process. As a muslim, 'aib' should be conceal rather than exposed. And never to make fun out of it! Poor soul, muslim posers!

due to this:

I said tribute to Yasmin

and this guy said:

(bukan nama sebenar)
You mean Zulkifli Ahmad? I just met his (her) senior in school an hour ago.
Mon at 11:27pm

What is he trying to proof?

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  1. dia nak buktikan yg ada citer lain dari ape yg abg tau, kononnya la.. macam hebat sgt lak nak mention psl tuh..
    btw,sekali kita aibkan org.. seribu kali org akan aibkan kita balik..

    masih bersedih~