Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Manik Urai - The Aftermath

Even the spoilt vote is more than 65!
The Carmelengo Husam already singing his old tune of BN 'tabur duit' there.
Habih ... yg His Holiness bawak Abe Uji kat Vistana Hotel KL jumpa pengundi luar tu tak tabur?
The power of 65 .... satu jambatan tak terbina ... tak pa .. politik pembangunan PAS kata
kita boleh buat kerahan tenaga ...dengan darah dan air mata macam The Bridge of River Kwai ..

Nothing shock what?
BN akan kembali memerintah Kelantan! .... bila?
tunggu la GE 13 nanti .... maka berkata lah sekalian alam akan angkuhnya blog ini ...
Mengapa? Tak percaya?
My rational:
1. orang Kelate ni pelik sikit, dia suka lain dari oghe ... oghe luar pulak tu
dulu ... they are the only State under PAS administration ...
now ... we have Kedah dan negeri2 yg PAS menempel macam Selangor (and used to be Perak for a while), so dah tak unik dah di Kelate
and .... since PAS-PKR-DAP confident of winning the GE 13, the Kelantanese will revert to BN
dare to different ..???

2. kena hok maghi angin sekat demo tu nanar, kalau demo-demo ni proposed nak buat referendum parting from the Federation pun sure lepas punya, sebab Kelantanese ni aneh sikit.
And come the idea or theory of benevolent amputation, the possibility of merging with the Southern Thai provinces. But don't play with fire! With the fishmonger as a lawmaker, and few more buta huruf ADUN there, they are toying with it!

please don't create a 'Mexico on the North' for Malaysia ....
sekarang pun this immigrant ni dah byk flocking our cities ...
and Malaysian are enjoying their tomyams just like the Americans enjoying nachos ...

maka ... for BN ... don't put too much emphasize on them ... kalau dah org tak suka tu
they are Kelantanese first ..Malaysian second
focus la to the fixed deposit states like the Borneo and Johor ..
and try winning back 50-50 states on the West Coast


  1. it is rather unusual situation. In this ne millenia, there are group of people who rather to be left alone...or should i say left behind.

    Islam had once built a great civilization. However, it is sad that a self proclaimed 'serambi mekah' is not even close to any great civilisation known to men's history.

  2. serambi for me is just like a screen saver ... it will disillusioned the people and concealing the fact that it is still operates using a 486 chipset!

  3. It is sad when islam is being used as a facade, a mirage to blind the muslim.

    In the word of a professor who taught us OB.."the malays are disillusioned"

    "membangun bersama Islam" more a rhetoric than a real thing.