Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I spent first few years of my working life as an Instrumentation Engineer. We dealt a lot with TelCos test & measurement equipments from a simple amp-clamp to the complicated DWDM and chromatic dispersion test-gear (the one that requires you to understand Schrodinger Equation to operate). But, the recent development of a new 'test-gear' is really frightening me. The one that I called: The 'Islamometer'.

It is a develish state-of-the-art equipment that could measure how sure are you gonna go to heaven or hell! Powered by a close-minded circuit in a mediocre brain of the most Malay Muslims in the country. With just a prejudice glance and the result is ready almost instantaneously. You could be labelled ulamak, Islamic, Kafir, secular, munafik and supported the latest finding, Erdogan too!

Los Angeles is no longer the City of Angels, most people in Malaysia are angels that could determined and know you dosa/pahala monthly statement and even better, they could blacklisted you far worst than CTOS did. They are the demons in the human screensaver.

I am touched by what controversial blogger RPK said:
Seriously, do I need to go to an Islamic university to be able to write an opinion about how bad corruption is and that not only Islam but all religions condemn corruption? Even if they are right in that I am ignorant about Islam and do not have the qualifications to talk about Islam, you really do not need to go to school or have any qualifications to know the difference between right and wrong. Common sense is enough and that is all it takes. And surely God gave all of us brains for a reason. Even non-Muslims understand that. And you need not go to an Islamic university to understand that.

For the record, neither our Great Prophet p.b.u.h. and the Caliphs-al-Rasyidin enters any Islamic university (do we have any at that time?) and since when do we need to formally educated is Islamic streams to enable us to talk about Islam?

Honestly, most of Islamic graduated in the 80s & 90s are those who rejected from other courses, unable to get a job anywhere else and been dumped to our Pejabat Agama and causes the major bureaucratic problems in our Syariah system. (quoting freely Dr. Asri ex-Mufti of Perlis in one of his article)

Don't judge people, we are supposed to be promoting Islam and be a good Muslims. I always jokingly telling my Jewish and Christians friends that Islam is the latest version of Abrahamic religions, and if in software world, the latest version will superceded the previous one and make it obsolete.


  1. Gee.. I wonder how Islamometer looks like(if the tool was real).That's kind of scary but it'll be most magnificent invention. But I just love what RPK has quoted. Deeply moved by it.

  2. Maria,
    It'll create chaos.
    Certain things are best remain as 'ghaib', things that are beyond our imaginations and thinking.
    Too bad when people are judging your 'iman', and give labels: tak sembahyang la, free hair la, and so on.
    let just God judge people and not people judging people.