Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SPM Blues

Quoting Lim Kit Siang in his blog:
During question time in Parliament yesterday (16/Jun/09), I had read out an email complaint from a 2008 SPM top-scorer who is ranked No. 7 in a premier school in Johore Bahru, Tan Hao Chong, who scored 11A1 and 1A21 in Chinese, who was not even offered a PSD scholarship in local public universities.

11A1 and 1A2??
12 subjects????

And I googled:

New Straits Times
SPM grading system should be reviewed to reflect real picture

ABOUT 6,300 students obtained straight As in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination in 2003. Out of these, 1,152 scored A1s in all subjects.

And then this thing with 300,000 candidates won't received their cert if the Ministry make it compulsory to pass (at least P8/E8) the English paper!

Please see table below, and this figure are not normalized yet (read: they'll use bell shaped/stats app to determine the passing mark)

My Time (1993) Current MRSM Grading System 1993 My University Grading
A1 A1 80> A+ 97>
A2 A2 70-79 A 93-96
C3 B3 65-69 A- 90-92
C4 B4 60-64 B+ 87-89
C5 C5 55-59 B 83-86
C6 C6 50-54 B- 80-82
P7 D7 45-49 C+ 77-79
P8 E8 40-44 C 73-76
F9 G9 0-39 C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 63-66
D- 60-62
F <59


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