Monday, June 15, 2009

Time for school

My 4 years old (++) Tich is in her first year at the kindergarten this year.
She was born in mid-December, but since the school calendar in Malaysia begin in January, we have to enroll her this year. So, she'll have another year for pre-school next year (2010) and should begin her formal Standard 1 (age 7 by year of birth) in 2011 at the age of 6 years and 2 weeks.

Now a lady don from Tanjong Malim's UPSI is finalizing her suggestion on reducing the legal age for Std.1 by one year, but stated that she is not touching anything on implementation wise.
Hmmm ... play safe as usual, very typical ..

Both of us (my wife and me) were born in November, and we don't even have any problem with interacting in class. In fact, in my MBA class, only three of us that enrolled are actually below 30 years old on the first semester. (For the record, I received my MBA from the King at the age of 31). But, that is not the real apple-to-apple comparison when you talk about children brain development, IQ/EQ level, physical attributes and so on. It is just like comparing Macintosh and Washington's, both are apples, but one is a computer and the latter is a fruit.

Anyway, the dona might have a point there, but her safe domain prohibiting her from suggesting about the implementations. Probably when she was somewhere abroad obtaining her PhD, she's too busy checking on the Yellow No. 5 on her ice cream or trying to find mono/di-glycerate using her bare eyes that blinded her about schools in that particular country. Then, the ministry will need to send their local uni history/social science graduate director, their Libyan Syariaah alumni S/U bahagian and one N22 MCE qualified senior PPT for study trip in UK/US and any other developed countries to explore about their school systems. And everything will be given to the poor PPT for him to compile the report, because the director & SUB families also joining the trip.

And there we go, a new Penyata for our next generation, and we'll see another time bomb waiting to explode just like the PPSMI; in the pipeline!

Then, when things got wrong ..... just blame the politicians, and don't vote them anymore.

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