Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Missing Baby Gomok

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Dear All,
Dah bersawang dah blog ni ... both of us are very busy in May.
In fact, this new entry is posted from Leuven, a very nice student town just outside of the EU Headquarters in Brussel, Belgium. In front of my hotel is the infamous Stella Artois brewery.
I was here since last Saturday, and on Sunday we took an opportunity to go to Amsterdam by train.
Guess I really missing my baby gomok, last Sunday was in fact very sunny day, and some say the hottest day of 2009. In the train was one lady clad in tudung, probably an algiers ethnic Belgians and her 2 kids. The kakak about 7 yrs old and a 5 yrs old boy. Sound like they are speaking French rather than Flamish. The boy is a copycat of my gomok, very active and full of adrenaline all the way.
While I'm enjoying the view, dengar dia kena marah with his mom. And then I switch to movie mode and capture the video above.
Really miss my baby gomok ....


  1. kakak la wehhh.. nak dapat adik sorg lagi.. baby gomok dah turun takhta.. hehehe..

    kakak p tgk muvi ngan mommy ke??

  2. Most peeps in Belgium speak French :D
    Such a sweet entry...

    Have a pleasant & safe journey (watch out for swine flu)