Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 & 3 London-Brussels-Amsterdam

My trip. Arrived at London around 4 pm GMT Friday. I stayed at The Barn in Ruislip, Middlesex. A very lovely hotel. I'll post the pics later. The next day, we board The Eurostar from London to Brussels. A little bit crazy on Sunday to head for Amsterdam. Pictures are quite jumbled up. Since I disabled my 3G (they'll charged per kb and in Euro and EUR1=RM5), I'm posting it here for my gems. Love both of you very much.

Waiting for train from Leuven to Brussels-Midi

Midi is Flamish for South, Nord=North ... pharmacy is called APOTHEEK (same as in Indonesia)

In Eurostar London-Brussels

In front of the Bulldog in Amsterdam

The Canal just opposite Amsterdam Centraal Station

London - Trafalgar Square - while waiting for train to Brussels

Chelsea fans en route to the FA final

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  1. wohhh... menjeles.. daddy, apesal post kaver beg lappy kat perot..hikhikhik..

    take care =)

  2. nak bagi nampak gambaq museum kat belakang tu la ... bukannya cover perut

  3. cool...heheh..jgn lupa uk kami...hahhaa