Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cy-War @ WilayahKini Part 1

Somebody started with this:

38) Norhisham Bin Abdul Mutalib = Ingin kan Ajk bhagn, ada perancangan yg hendak dibawa di peringkat pemuda. Wajar diperhatikan. Tp jgn lupakan perasaan ketua pemuda anda.

Note: Anonymously he comments to each and every single candidates in Batu Youth. Few guys took it seriously and lodged a police report. I responded:

Salam,Is this consider the talqin for Pemuda UMNO Batu?A lot of 'wonders' for me ...Wondering why this anonymous guy did not publish his analysis before the 19th meeting?Anyhow, I'm taking a neutral stand on the comments. Perceptions and impressions play an important role in marketing and yes, politic too! You could not stopping people from being judgmental to you, but at least say it out loud and be proud of it.Probably lack of formal education and exams grade way below the mere pass line causes that to happen. Such a moronic behavior is intolerable probably somewhere else but definitely not in Batu. Our parochialism sometime makes me wonder, how far are we from downtown?But ...hey... Welcome to the real Pemuda UMNO Batu!What the heck? Eventhough I owe nobody any explanation; but, just for the record: Azmuri did approach me and informed about his intention to step down, we discussed this internally and I strongly persuaded him to stay. I'm currently residing in Shah Alam and after all he did a good job with Pemuda KBC. However, I told him that since I'm moving to the vicinity in December, I would like to go for the AJK Pemuda Bahagian to involve directly in rejuvenating Pemuda UMNO Batu. He strongly support that and working very hard to convince Amir and the gang to put me in their chai and help me to secure my nominations.Don't bother to talk about 'Berani Berubah' and all such rhetorical quotes, the dudes were up to no good, and only mimicking the catchy phrases! Clearly to say, Azmuri is not that power craze and playing shut the door politic guy. If he is, I'm not going to be in the KBC and Azril (a very good guy) will not set foot on PWTC that day. For him, if you are good, then you are good! If you can go further than myself, you go, we'll support you. That's the KBC way of politic!Such a mediocre tought Mr. Anonymous! Wondering what you do for living ...

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  1. I wonder why he commented under 'Anonymous' in the first place.He's a LOSER with every single 'abjad' CAPS.Sorry that u have to 'deal' wz this 'L'