Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gracias and Thanksgiving

Thanks for all the wishes.
I am blessed to have everybody; family & friends
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery
Today is a gift .... present!
May this coming year brings us great health and wealth,
A very happy and prosperous future to everyone!

It's the Thanksgiving Weekend again, a very special holiday, last Thursday of November every year.

Thanksgiving is not a religous celebration, it is the day to commemorate the peace treaty between the colonies and the Indians, celebrating the coexistence and sharing, and the tradition of having turkey as the maincourse (legend says the Indians cooked this during the fiesta few hundred years ago) . But, Mommy Aurora said that the turkey is too big for our oven. (Indirect of you need to buy me new oven first before we can roast that bird!)
Supposed to mark the first snowfalls as well, but it's summer all year long here. Hehehe ... (Indirect of no vacation until winter next year).
And the following Friday is the big discount day a.k.a. Shopping Day (they called it Black Friday)

I am very connected with this holiday, since it always falls on my birthday week! Feels like some sort of a special big celebration for me ...

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