Saturday, November 22, 2008

The King and I

After 2 years working on my MBA, finally ...

Presented by His Royal Highness The King himself ....
Menjunjung Kasih Tuanku!

And with the Queen of My Heart, thanks for all the supports plus the sacrificed weekends and holidays .....

and my darling the Crown Princess Aurora of the Diamond Castle ......

Many Thanks!
Does Mommy and Tich want Daddy to go for another line on my robe?


  1. Go for it Daddy... Tich n mommy miss our time together when daddy goes to school. we always get to have our Girls day out. Shopping without daddy. happy days! Hahaha... We love you Daddy!
    *But can you study oversea, teringin la plak mommy n tich pi oversea plak... Bukan Indon or singapore ok!

  2. Heartiest Congratulations on your graduation Hisham! And,to your families too!

    Shana dearest,I have been suggesting the same to abg Faizal(but my 'bf' nih liat siket nak further his study!).He studies, I work (jadi teacher ker or banker ker).As usual,as if I spoke to Coffee Machine,sigh...

    And congrates to you too on the arrival of new NEO.Most important thing, behind a great man,there stands a greater woman,rite?

    Guess I'm YET to a greater woman than he is..hehe

  3. hah okay gak...pi la sambung phd..nanti kami attend konvo phd daddy plak...pi buat kat oversea tau...tak yah ahh buat kat sini..bleh jalan2 holiday bawak demok

  4. yeahhh.. daddy.. sambung lagi PHD.. go daddy go.. Ayang pon sokong jugak.. nak smabung kat Oversea ke?? nanti muleh ar ayang bawak o'wan n maktok g jenjalan tgk cucu kat oversea pulak... hikss..=P~

    *mommy, kalo p oversea, ayang willing nak jaga NEO.. wakakakaka =P~ *

  5. Thanks for all the prayers ...

    Maria: Suruh jer Faizal, I was telling him the same thing and asked him to join me too ... tak per mungkin dia tak nak buat kat mesia

    ok foon & awi ..nanti kami ambik GMAT dulu, unimap boleh sponsor kot ...kaya sikit kami ..

  6. Thanks All,

    Kak Maria: Thanks. But so far it's hisham who's been enjoying the NEO. Takpe, I'll get it all to myself next week.About being "Greater", I like to think that way, but I love it any other way. After all, he's the Man of the House.As long as he takes great care of me n munchkin,he can be "greater" if he wishes.

    And again, Behind great Man, stands an even greater Women!(All in the mind)hehehe...

  7. Ayang,
    Kalau pi oversea tinggai NEO, yang willing nak jaga kena willing nak sambung instalment, maintainance, road tax, insurance n so on and so forth.... Ada berani? heheheh...

  8. wahh.. mommy...
    harus kne berani la kann..
    muahahahaha =P~

    *semangat lak tetiba*