Friday, November 14, 2008

Man Of Action

I'm not really a fan of Lee Jeans. But, it was really a good commercial with this Lee Jeans icon in the late 90s called Buddy Lee. It started with the husky narrator voice (still playing in my head) saying: " ... Buddy Lee is Buddy Lee in "Buddy Lee-Man of Action" ... "

I'm not going to talk about this Buddy Lee actually, but I used to work for a real "Man of Action" few years back. He's quite a prominent figure and few of his words worth for a blog posting actually.

Some excerpts from the "Man of Action":

1. Tell you one thing. We can not work with stupid! We ending up correcting the mistakes that this stupid people make and not progressing. Hisham, please get rid of that ba***rd.

2. Mediocracy is not an option! We do not enter the race to be the mediocre, to finish in the middle, better not competing at all. Yes, winning is our target, but I want to win with style.

3. You guys are too complacent! Stay focus and striving, it ain't over yet ... (I love to add "until the fat lady sing", but definitely not dare during that time)

That's all I can recall for now, I'll add some more from time to time once I could detect the 'files' in my memory.

P/S: Try to relate this quote with my previous 2 postings.


  1. uiihssssssssss..
    panas nih..
    apa kes nih

  2. hehehe...Tuan Hisham mengimbau kenangan bekerja dengan one of the few people he takes as his idol... as he wants to be like them, rich n powerful but yet not many people get the privilage of working with them personally...

  3. wahhh..
    neh baru betul2 politik neh..
    tapi kan, abang tayah le guna kaler merah terang sgt tuh.. sakit mata nk baca la..

    *abah also read ur blog*

  4. Buddy Lee IS adorable.
    * No body in right mind can work wz ANY thing relates to stupidity (stupid road sytems, stupid racist people, stupid drivers or anything 'stupid'in our life timeS)
    **Losing is NOT an option in order to survive...
    ***Focus & keep our feet on the ground @ all times!

  5. as u have said STUPIDITY. translate to bahasa melayu and komen in the blog concerned. I doubt they understand BI.

  6. Yeah... the big "S" words. Too bed that most of us have to deal with some degree of stupidity sometimes in our lives. Let just hope that we will always learn from others stupidity rather than do something stupid ourselves... Insyaallah.