Tuesday, June 17, 2008

recession is coming

this time around memang lagi dasyat …US in double jeopardy .. dollar weaken … minyak naik ..US$4/gal from US$0.89/gal (the cheapest I could remember la .. pump price memang fluctuate ikut seasons, summer slightly expensive due to vaporized gas)malaysia ..1997 ‘tom yum’ crisis .. minyak still murah .. share jatuh .. but macro level still ok … more to the ‘bubble’ burst … corrective and speculative2008-2010 …. prepare for worst …this is testing our fundamental and core … honestly …kita tak habis recover from 1997 lagi …we have to rely on China to keep prosper and take over the US role and India to be more fluorish … these are countries that we still can sell something …my ‘2 cents’ advise :1. don’t change job yet … LIFO … stay dulu ..2. get rid of high installment loans …2nd or 3rd car yg hardly use … dispose .. unless dah habis bayar ..used car price akan jatuh … unreasonable drop .. interest rate for used car akan naik mencanak, margin of financing low ..and repayment time will be shorter … good side .. you’ll get bargain price in the coming years for your dream modelstry full settlement kan rumah or reduce principal amount .. korek la epf .. and please refinance to Islamic package … fixed rate .. BLR akan naik … last round sampai 12% (kalau tak silap ..tolong betulkan)rumah yg kat tempat yg pelik2 memang susah nak dispose dah ..puncak alam as good as macam kena ‘daylight robbery” …kalau confident with your job … reschedule so that you can settle within the shortest time … kalau tak confident lower your monthly installment .. so that if you’re out of job (nauzubillah) you still can service your loanplease take note: most malaysians are ONE month to bancruptcy … gaji lambat 2 minggu or if you miss your salary one month ..you’re gone .. as most bills are 1-2 months outstanding .. semua rely on bonus nak clear these overdues, tapi bila dapat bonus tak ‘current’kan balik ..nak shopping sikit ..reward ourselves .. takkan kerja penat habis bayar bank saja ..please restructure your debts now … we still have few months before 2nd & 3rd wave datang (hopefully) .. if yoou need to take personal loan ..ambik yg tak ada BLR + or - punya package .. fixed .. BSN ok ..and Bank persatuan is OK … better buat sekarang ..at least if you kena bancruptcy tak pasal2 sebab rumah or kereta you still boleh hidup … transfer kan saving to BSN (the only bank yg tak effect kalau yr asset kena freeze … please verify if anybody ada info lebih)the only stable investment i see now is gold (emas) and Euro €yg lain … ASB insyaAllah boleh rely lagi …share Bank Rakyat ..and Bank Persatuan (bank rakyat in the making ..kat section 9 bawah tu ada one branch … they only open to bumi malay sahaja) they pay more than ASB last year ..alamak … terlebih sudah ..terseronok menaip pulak … sesiapa yg more knowledgeable please comment and sambung …my advise quite radical ..but i foresee memang lagi teruk dari 1997

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