Wednesday, August 20, 2008

There's something about Hubby …

As a lot of peoples keeps asking me about my hubby, (he's kinda lazy to put anything in his profile and I'm too lazy to write about what he's doing. Hehehe...), But I found something he wrote about himself for his MBA application few years back in our PC.

So, For his 'fans' out there (duh..... ), something about Norhisham (my hubby):

I was born Norhisham bin Abdul Mutalib on November 28, 1976 in Alor Star, Kedah. I am the eldest of four. My father teaches engineering at a polytechnic not far from our Alor Star home. My late mother was a staff at the General Hospital. Perhaps the most important influence that has shaped the person I am today is my upbringing in a small town working class family. They always been an important source of support in all of the decisions I have made, and Islam have been my guiding principles in life. Not only do I try to do good for others, but I always push myself to be the best that I can be in all aspects of my life. I saw early the doors and opportunities that a good education can open up; thus, I particularly tried hard to do well in school.

After completed six years of primary education in my neighborhood school, I pursued my secondary education at one of the prestigious school in the country, the Sultan Abdul Hamid College. The alumni comprises of country prominent figures: King, Sultans, two Prime Ministers and thousands more who's who in all disciplines. I am very proud to be part of the history of the great alma-mater. After I did well in my SRP examination, I took an offer for a place in a fully boarding prep school, the infamous MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) in the neighboring state of Perlis. I completed my high school there and obtain flying colors in my SPM examination.

Another important experience that has had a large influence on me the past few years has been college. Going from high school to college was a significant change. College totally overhauls my life and broadens my horizon. I went to an all bumiputra prep school, with the same cohort of students in all my classes. Thus, I was exposed little to people very different from myself. College in a foreign land, on the other hand, is full of diversity. I have people of all backgrounds and abilities in my classes, and I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few of them. This precious experience has made me more tolerant of differences. Furthermore, living, studying and working in another country that totally difference in race, weather, culture, and belief systems, have liberalized my world view.

I obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Widener University in the suburb of Philadelphia back in summer of 1998. While completing my first degree, back home was hit severely by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis that almost crippled our economy. This leaves me no option but to stay there and try to get a job. I was lucky to join the world best Wharton Business School as a research assistant. My task there was to assist The Family Business Corporation researchers in studying businesses in Latin America. The environment shaped me a lot and this also develops my fondness in business studies.

I left the "city that loves me back" and started the new millennium here. I then worked as the Project Engineer in charging of telecommunication in the Maju Junction project development. The pride is still there every time I pass through the building in the downtown of KL, my first monument of achievements. In 2001, I joined Affiliate Company of multinationals Nettest and Symmetricom brands, as a System Engineer, where I developed myself to become expertise in test gears and synchronization.

On the journey through my life, I've encountered twists and turns, and some detours--it is unquestionably the hardest battle I could fight. However, in the process, I've accumulated a tremendous amount of valuable experience and knowledge. Education and experience is my biggest asset. It is the perfect time for me to join the UiTM's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. I strongly believe that this can be used to prepare myself for the promises and challenges of the future.

Aurora: This autobiography was written part of the requirement for admission to the UiTM's MBA program. Hubby was accepted and enrolled in 2006. He graduated …. (hmmm…. but I 'm not sure his pointer.... I'll ask him later.) in April 2008. In the midst of pursuing his MBA, he accepted an offer to be a partner for a boutique telecommunications solutions provider. As for now, he is still finding answer to a question: "what's next to do?"( I told him we should move first before he find more things to do....hahahaha)

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