Friday, February 20, 2009

Slumdog Barks

I was glued to my recliner up till 4 in the morning! I can't sleep that night, thought that this movie could help me. It enters my domain when maestro A.R. Rahman won the Golden Globe for the best original soundtrack via this film.

A.R. Rahman is a different story, got one shop in Section 24 Shah Alam called AR Rahman Boys, probably worth a posting later.

Back to the Slumdog Millionaire, simple plot but touchy. A slumboy tea guy (chaiwalla) enter who want to be a millionaire show and guess what? All questions related to his life! From the flashback approach the film merged to a real time on its last quarter.

Only one Bollywood dancing scene and that's only during the credits.

And .... our Sentul slum is nothing compare to their JUHU. Blessed to be Malaysians!

Please watch!

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