Thursday, February 19, 2009

Elizabeth Wong Fiasco

Pocoyo's Ellie (nothing got to do with this story)

From an old posting:

Our sole purpose is to elect quality people. By quality, I mean conservative, business oriented, temperate, highly moral, intelligent, and ambitious people who can literally change the landscape of our people and this country.
And if we can do that, then we can protect the rights of the unborn, restrict the cultural garbage that is consumed by our children,honor the sanctity of marriage, make our streets safe, fight off crimes, go green, seal our borders, and protect the true Malaysian way of life.

She is good! No doubt about it. But this former national swimmer, although could not follow Michael Phelps' glory by winning tons of gold in the Olympic, she did follow Phelps controversy. And she is even better at it. Phelps just smoking pot, but she choose to go to cloud nine the other way.

It is sad that she was blackmailed, and some stern action need to be taken to the people responsible. It is against the law.
We do impressed with how she sacrificed building a family and raising kids for the sake of servicing the people.

But ....
1. Do we allowed any dude on the street to brag about how he scored the unmarried State Executive Councilor?
2. Do we want to vote a party that do not respect the sanctity of our family institution? (They don't let her to resign ..)
3. Can elected reps say that what ever happen behind closed door is their privacy and do not affect their role as elected leaders?
4. Do we want our children to consume this cultural garbage?

and plus some leaders from the so called Islamic party allowed this to happen ...

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