Friday, February 27, 2009

Loooonnngggg overdue post...

I've been wanting to write something about my precious Tich for soooo long... Tich has started kindergarden since January. She has never been to anykind of real school before. But on her first day at school it was just like she been there already. She did not cry or anything eventhough Mommy n daddy have to carry her to the bathroom that particular morning(we still have to carry her tho...) and bathed her while she's still sleeping.

At school we get to see all sort of character. Some keep on crying for their mommie n daddies, and some just sit there like nothing elses matter and some just get along real fine. As for Tich, she was so cool. Just go into her class,greet the teacher and seat by her side. At first we thought she gonna freak out on her first day, but she seem fine. Then at lunch time, more like mid morning snack, the teacher ask the children to bring out their snacks, to our horror Tich doesn't have anything to snack on... Poor baby. I did not know that the children have to bring their own snack. I thought the school will snacks for them... She looked so sad. But soon after the break and they were lining up to go to the wash room, she was happy again. Just see how easy children forget their sadness. From that day on I always remembered to pack her snacks...

The second day went well. Tich even ask Mommy and daddy to go to work because she has a lot of thing to do at school... So sweet. She's getting busy. My baby is growing up so fast and starting to have her own activities, and she can do it without mommy and daddy.... After school we gat a list of extra curicular activities offered at her school. The list was stappled at her school uniform strap. So cute. Maybe to make sure mommy and daddy don't miss it. We read the list together and Tich started jumping up and down when she heard the word "ballet" n "painting". So we just enrolled her to ballet and art class. It was so easy because no we don't have to spend weekends to send her to those classes. So far she still excited about her classes.
Today, after almost two months at school, Tich is becoming more and more individual. We can see more on what she likes and dislike. she is more firm and persistent tho sometime can be a bit headstrong. We just hope that she will be a better person each day. and that she will be able to enjoy everyday of her life come what may.


  1. Welcome back Mommy Tich. And, Tich's so pretty!

    Hugs & kisses.

  2. hahahahha..
    welcome back after a series of posting by daddy...

    i miss you baby tich..

  3. I da beli.. for Tich.. hurmm.. dunno la u like it or not.. But Bunda was the one yg choose it..