Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One school system?

I'm totally agree to this matter. Hope that this is not the "Election Talk" as what Ong Tee Keat said. Tun Razak mentioned this long-long time ago, and Tun Dr. Ismail even went extra mile to propose for dissolving the race-based parties concept in Alliance.

Think it this way, the babies were born the same day in the same hospital, (race and religion is the birth property and the family choice as far as everybody concerns, constitutionally Malay is definitely a Muslim).
The Malays will teach their kids to speak Bahasa, read Quran and basic Islamic principles, so does The Chinese (regardless of religions, the mother tounge is the top priority!) and The Indians accordingly to suit their own cultural and beliefs system.

20 years ago, those kids were growing up watching the same TV, we only have RTM and TV3 coming later on. The fortunate few will own a VCR, but even Malay will rent Chinese Kung Fu movies or Hindustan love epics. Fast forward, now we do have Astro, where the Malays will stuck with Ria, the Indians with Zee or Vaanabil and the Chinese will have Dynasty Package (Wah Lah Toi and etc.);

We are segregating our kids to the limit actually!
But, this is the Information Age, we can't stop that. How to resolve this?

Let them learn and play together outside and coexist.
I'm not saying that put aside customs and beliefs, you definitely have families and religious institutions to shape this. Not saying to stop the Sunday schools, Bible lessons, temple events or kelas mengaji Quran?
Can they learn the same things and act as one .... and practising their beliefs freely?
Isn't that what this Cobbold guy found out and this Reid dude put as a framework more than 50 years ago?
Think so .... because the third principle of our Rukun Negara says that!
Even Singapore don't have this kind of system, that's why we always address them as Singaporeans, not by races.
Can we be just Malaysians on this issue? It is very disturbing when this crime victim lady (no race mentioned here), said in a TV interview, "seorang India lelaki datang dan ...." see, Malaysians decribe people by race first!

I'll get the extract of Kam Raslan's The Malayans in his infamous Dato' Hamid book, probably could illustrate better the point that I'm saying in here.


  1. hahaha..sory2..aktiviti dah full..harap maklum..saya rela dikenakan apa jua tindakan daripada pihak tuan..jika pihak tuan mahukan khidmat saya juga, pihak tuan haruslah menyediakan 'wang saku' atau dalam erti kata lain elaun sara diri untuk saya..juga tambang pergi dan balik haruslah ditanggung sepenuhnya..

  2. The trend is to free ourselves from racial issues. Suddenly the trend took a 180 degree shift of direction and go against the suggestion to abolish the vernacular school. Why?

    It seems that there is a 'sekolah kebangsaan' and 'sekolah tidak kebangsaan'. Funny isn't it?