Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Batrisyia Mutalib Norhisham

Today is my precious baby 4 th birthday and this year she wanted Dora as the theme for her birthday celebration. But as mommy and daddy been a bit too busy this few week, we just manage to get the cake with Dora theme but without the party. This year we're just going to celebrate it with few close family friends, and mommy haven't get the chance to buy Tich's her birthday present yet, maybe tomorrow morning mommy will sneak out to buy her present. As for now, this is a special poems mommy want to share with all parents out there....

Our Precious Daughter
© Caroline Falzon

note: I edit a bit to suit us.
we celebrate your birthday, as you turn four today,

but we have got the gift, just the perfect gift,

that on this very special day, God gave away,

a gift of love from up above, so unique and so rare.

god has specially made you to the very tip of your nose,

as precious as a flower, as tender as a rose.

fulfilled and blessed our lives we have and all because of you,

as sweet as honey, so innocent and pure.

the twinkle of your eyes is brighter than any star,

the smiles you leave behind keep our days bright,

though our laps you have outgrown, you will never outgrow our hearts.

we watch and pray as you grow, in love and in faith,

in beauty and in grace, you bring us joy and pure delight,

just to gaze upon your lovely face.

our hearts you keep warm and are with you wherever you may go,

and as you go on life's journey, only happiness may you find,

you are the joyful moments through our sorrow,

you are our hope and promise of our tomorrow.

'cause you are our pride, our unconditional love we pledge,

'cause you are our joy, our undivided bond we cherish,

'cause you are our sunshine, our embrace is your shield through the rain,

'cause you are our little girl, our hugs and kissed will take away your pain.

we asked god for a flower and He gave us a bouquet

we asked god for a minute and He gave us a day

we prayed to God for true love and He gave us that too

we prayed to God for an angel and He gave us you.

May God bless you dear angel especially on this day that marks your birth,

for all the special ways you bring a bit of heaven into our world.

may God bless you, Today, Tomorrow and Always in Peace in Health in Happiness and in Love.

with love

Mommy and Daddy

Sneak peek at Tich's Birthday cake! The baker is linked to my blog. Thanks Kak Ina.


  1. Happy Birthday to ticha.... bertuah akak she's so cute... anugerah dariNya....

  2. thank you eida. Alhamdulillah. cute but a bit handful. hehehe.....

  3. happy birthday..tii chaa..
    happy birthday..tii chaa..
    happy birthday to...tichaaa...
    happy birthday tichaaaa...

    yeayyyy clap clap clap..
    dora lah pulak..dah habis island princess dora pulak anak mak ni kan

  4. Salam.....

    Happy birthday to gibik-gibik Ticha....

    Sempoi nyer....Kek tu...!!!
    Mesti Sedap!!!

  5. mommy simpan kek kat achik sama x??haha..

    epi befday tich..dah besaq anak gemokz achik ni..

  6. happy burfday baby ayanggggg..
    bgn pagi2 nangis cari mommy..
    ouhhhh, ayang windu la anak gemoks ayang sorg neh..

    Happy birthday Ticha..

  7. Thank you umie. wat la video. bleh mommy tepek kat blog.

    hehehe... achik, takde maknenyer nak simpan kek tu. Tich potong kek kat umah nanna. Bawak balik 2 potong je.

    Bro. DJ, Thank for the wish. Kek tu sama tokey ngan kek transfomers adam... boleh tahan gak la.

    Ayang, balik awai, if not bleh join ad hoc party tich.

  8. Happy Birthday Tich.Sorry that Auntie & children are away rite now.Anyhow,we all are wishing you the best & may you continue to enjoy good time,sound health & God bless you....

  9. And...the birthday cake look so fantastic!!!