Wednesday, April 1, 2009


1. With 3 by-elections simultaneously, the event is popularly known as the tri-lection.

2. 15 candidates contesting the Bukit Selambau seat, the most in Malaysian election history.

3. Predictions:

i- Batang Air - Most likely a safe seat for BN.

ii- Bkt. Gantang - 50-50. Very hard to predict. I'll try to provide daily updates as Aurora is there now. Quite a good chance for BN as well.
Pix: Kumpulan Rimba Bara (Mamat Khalid's Rock) berpengkalan di Trong (salah satu DUN dalam Parlimen Bukit Gantang)

iii- Bkt. Selambau - Acid test for MIC.

4. From my survey to 'political analysts' last week at PWTC and The Mall area (during the UMNO General Assembly):
i- MIC is the only party in BN that do not show any signs of rejuvenate/renew or change. More
ii- Samy Vellu factor. I spoke to the car wash guy (a malaysian chinese community (MCC)) last week. His comments on UMNO thingy, at least we the MCC knows who are next in line for UMNO. He also knows Shahrizat, Husam, Azmin, Lim Si Pin and few others new breed of upcoming leaders in our country. But ... " itu MIC .. I don't know la who is the deputy? the ketua pemuda pun sapa ha?"(as he said)
iii- Some quarters also went 'extra-mile' by suggesting that BN should kick MIC out from the coalition as they failed to gain the support from the Indian Community. They said that, HINDRAF is caused by hatred and dissatisfaction towards Samy. And his recent 'uncontested' winning as the MIC president is a big liability for BN.

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