Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cabinet Speculations

I spent few hrs at one of the cafe in Putrajaya on Thursday ... it is not in a mall but a mill probably .. rumors mill
These self-claimed genius 'political analysts' definitely got nothing to do with any indo-chine chics, or suffering from down syndrome (please thesaurus for synonym)
Apart from rumors saying that the 'angkat sumpah' on Friday is cancelled ( muahahaha ...nice try from PR clowns) I'm more focus on listening to their analysis on who is in and out of the new executive line up.

depa kata: (???? ... disclaimer: read and digest at your own risk!)
1. not more than 26 minister inclusive of PM & DPM (only 24 extra posts available la then ..) and from 22 ministries
2. SUPAR posts are back in the structure and mostly filled by young and dangerous MPs
3. All the Naibs are in (3 of them 21 left)
4. UMNO ministers will filled more than 50% posts ...
5. They said Confirm Stays : Stoppa, Noh Omar
6. Johor ministers are proposed by Muhyiddin & Hisham (casualties to Syed Hamid and Khaled? Shahril Samad already quit. Azalina will be out too?) wait .... Razali Muar? latest heard is Deputy Minister and Dr. Latif also secured his MT seat
7. Full minister from Kedah? Mukhriz?
8. Penang .... Nor Yackop out?
9. Perak ... Zahid in ... Nazri? Husni in? Ismail Bukit Gantang for Supar if he wins?
10. Selangor ... Noh stays, Zin ?
11. WP ... Shahrizat is back with senatorship? Zulhasnan?
12. Negri ... Rais (appointed SUA UMNO?) ... but Shaziman wins MT ... KJ?
13. Kelantan ... Stoppa stays ...
14. T'ganu ... Senator Idris ? Shabery Chik?
15. Pahang ... Ismail Sabri ? Saifudin promotes?
16. Sabah ... Shafie Afdal ... Bung?
17. and they said .... Effendi is back ....

... semua depa tau ... full of question marks

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