Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hijrah 2009

In conjuction with the Awal Muharram we moved to a new place that is not so new.
My wife was bred and raised there for the first 16 years of her life before the whole family shifted to Alor Star.
The house was then occupied by various people, family and tenants for almost full cycle of Chinese Lunar Zodiac.
The place itself is actually older than me!

It is a sad feeling for us when we cleared our Shah Alam's coccoon, we were so used with the area and know almost everyone in the vicinity. The big Akak (KAK G) that sells nasik lemak, Matthias the tailor, the DVD adik, banks people, the 'boss' at the pasar mini that always keep stock of Teh Botol for me, the starbucks crew and many more.

Not to forget the people that we consider as our extended household: Faizal (thanks for helping angkat barang!) and Maria and the kids; Nanna & Family; Mr. Bonggo, Jaja and the Kamari Boys; and all the familiar faces that knows Tich on a first name basis.

I started to feel like Dickens, it is a real Tales of Two Cities (although it is just a change of borough actually).

Anyway, a new place marks a new beginning and two new year celebrations in few days is something very special for our Hijrah, for a better tomorrow.

Happy Awal Muharram and New Year!

p/s: I love this new area but I left my heart in Shah Alam.


  1. Their ex-neighbour :)Hisham,Shana & beautiful Tich.
    You've been a great help to us all these while.I still remember ;
    1.Our house was suddenly blacked-out due to kaputt fuse,you were the one who came & checked things out & called 'panel' electrician Ah Keong to rpl the necessary.Faizal was in Germany at the time.Thanks.
    2.All the wonderful food that have been delivered to our door.Thanks Shana & sometimes after enjoying the fantastic food, I'd crack my head to think of what to send back to you:) You know I am such a 'fantastic' cook,heheh.Thanks for that too!
    3.I also remember when we were having Adam's BDay party,you further extend your kind favour by lending/offering us necessities for a party (H2O tumbler etc).Thanks.
    4.My granny once stayed here as I delivered my baby Adam & she was asking for a traditional kueh called Qasidah.My jaw dropped as I didn't really have any idea of how it looked like GOD-sent,an angel called Shana:) made the kueh & delivered this special kueh to my granny.I can never thank you enough Shana.
    5.And,Tich-auntie & family have seen you since you're a lil baby & now that u're in kindie,I still couldn't except the fact that u've grown up so quickly(same goes to Adam).Thanks also for the wonderful presents as 'A Treasury For Two Year Olds' for Ayesha & 'Bumblebee Autobot a.k.a Car wz sound' that we all are holding very dearestly to our hearts.
    The list is endless of your kindness for all these times.We wish you the best & may our friendships remain for the longest time.

  2. Maria,
    Ditto to you guys too.
    It is countless for us to put here all the assistance that you guys provided since our lives crossing each other. From setiawangsa to kemuning and to mahligai.

    What we miss most is no more someone to call in case that we crave for Dominoes, that buy 1 free 1 really a great saver when knowing that you guys always OK for having pizza.

    But, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

    Make sure that you'll drop by at our new place.

  3. oowhh sedih ahh entry nih...
    shah alam such a perfect place dah kan..takpa takpa...