Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After the dust had settled ...

I received countless SMSes and phone calls last Sunday evening regarding the "Battle of Batu". Senders/Callers were split into well-wishers (mostly family and friends outside Batu ... inclusive of PAS and PKR dudes) and contestants from both sides, but the objective and concerns still remains, and circling around the MALAYS SURVIVAL.

I planned to write this for quite sometime, but afraid that it will mislead into campaigning using blogs and violating the UMNO MT's instructions (on guidelines for candidates and campaigning) It was an audacity for me, to contest for the AJK post last Sunday when all odds are against me.So, for those who cast on no. 38 last Sunday, I really appreciate your supports, the vote still counts and always be there en mi corazon.It is a bitter sweet experience, a story that deserved a chapter if somebody writes my biography someday.Without these, our paths will not crossing each others. At least these bring in some impact, and I know more people and have more friends in Batu now.

Reminiscing Vince Papale and fictional comeback kid Rocky, you will only appreciate winning after you taste losing, it was very worth it to try.


We choose the path of be here and do something; at the moment when most of us decided to be just a so called "innocent bystander" and blaming things.There wasn't any winning or losing last Sunday, it is UMNO that will WIN or LOSE for the next 3 or 4 years to come.If the freshly elected office-bearers decided to honor our sacred party with virtues and values, and have thoughts on reclaiming the dreams of UMNO founding fathers,then all of us is THE WINNER, but if they decided to prioritize on their own personal agenda, the big "L" then will be written on our foreheads,

Just like Patek Phillip, nobody owns UMNO, we are just taking care of it for the next generation. (or could be for the next office bearers).
So, our sole purpose must be to ensure that UMNO is here and relevant for generations to come.
Please do not stop asking yourself: WHAT IS YOUR PLACE IN HISTORY?

Let not stop here, the journey just begin ...

Best Regards,
Norhisham Abdul Mutalib
Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO KBC, BATU WP


  1. Tak tahan baca...

  2. hehehe
    eleh ... setakat naib ketua pemuda cawangan

  3. Compared to us, you have 'marked'your territory & have a 'reserved' place in history.Bravo bro..