Monday, October 13, 2008

Adik Wan turns 22!!!

Another birthday is here. Today is my "youngest" brother birthday. He turns 22 this year(if I' m not mistaken...hehehe...) I just want to say this to him;

Dearest Adik Wan,

We may not have the best time sibling should have,
I may not be the best sister to you,
I may not be the first person you think of every morning,
I may not be the one you would turn to when you are blue,
But just remember;
Whatever happen, you will always be my baby brother,
If anything bad ever happen to you, I wil never forgive myself for not being the best sister,
I hope, you will always take care of yourself.
Never stop trying and always believe in yourself.
You can always count on yourself.
If you never let yourself down, you'll never let anybody down.
I Love You.


  1. Happy Birthday Wan..

    hehehe.. ramainye october babies..
    coming up next is *****.. ahaks =P


    May ALLAH bless U & many happy returns.

    Always think positive.... the track is there for u.

    TQ for the guidance & advice to Smith & Paul. They appreciate very much.

    With luv
    Aunty, Smith & Paul